Community Services Bureau


The Community Services Bureau is comprised of three sections that allow for a coordinated response for uniformed law enforcement needs within the community. The three sections include The Patrol Section, The Traffic Section, and The Neighborhood Impact Section. Almost every police call in the city is initiated within The Community Services Bureau and it is under the command of Captain Bret Snavely.

Patrol Section

The Uniformed Patrol Section is comprised of uniformed officers assigned to three Patrol Sections referred to as Watches. Each Watch is under the command of a Lieutenant and two or three Sergeants. Uniformed Patrol handles the bulk of all police activity, from minor complaints to emergency responses and everything in between.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Section falls under the command of the Community Services Bureau. The Traffic Section consists of one supervisor and one parking control officer. Responsibilities include hit-skip accident follow up, planning and organizing special events, and coordinating police operations with other city departments. The section also coordinates parking enforcement, meter collection and repairs, and scheduling of secondary employment.

Neighborhood Impact Section

The Neighborhood Impact Section consists of four officers, seasonal civilian clerical staff, and volunteers who report directly to the Community Services Bureau Commander.

Personnel, including volunteers are responsible for problem identification, analysis, and assessment methods used to improve quality of life issues for Mansfield residents. Team Leaders are also responsible for public relations, neighborhood/business shift development, and anti-crime activities within a geographically defined zone. Officers with special certifications are detailed to the D.A.R.E. and SRO programs during school sessions.

Neighborhood Watch           D.A.R.E. and SRO           Safety Town

Explorers           Police Athletic League           Honor Guard and Color Guard

K9 Unit

The K9 Unit consists of three teams which are assigned to the Patrol Section. The K9 Unit officers train in narcotics detection, tracking, obedience, agility, and suspect apprehension. The K9 Unit officers are assigned a vehicle and special equipment to care for the K9's. During 2013 the K-9 Unit conducted 10 school searches and attended D.A.R.E. and Safety Town graduations. The K-9 Unit was utilized on 197 police calls during 2013. The K-9 Unit was involved in the arrest of 99 suspects, conducted 150 vehicle and building searches, seized 202 grams of cocaine, 18 grams of heroin, and 566 grams of marijuana. The Unit also seized over $12,000 in suspected drug money.

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