Police Athletic League

The Police Athletic League helps to prevent juvenile crime by developing strong positive attitudes towards police officers.


PAL(Police Athletic League)

Recognizing the importance of prevention efforts in reducing juvenile crime, the Mansfield Division of Police is involved in many youth initiatives, mostly funded by grant support. The Division Youth Project Coordinator collaborates with Friendly House, Community Action for Capable Youth, Ocie Hill Community Center, County Area Y, and United Way just to name a few. The Police Athletic League activities are focused during the high youth delinquency periods of 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

Approximately 2500 youth participated in PAL activities and programs including PAL baseball, basketball, boxing, and football. These programs also included A.C.E., Leadership Club, Golden Age Club, PAL Shutterbugs, Club 36, and M.A.C Club. The PAL study centers and computer labs are equipped with educational software, homework assistance, and reading skill programs.

For additional information please call (419) 755-9724
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