Safety Town

Safety Town was started in Mansfield in 1937 by Frend Boals and has grown into one of the most sought after juvenile programs to date.


Safety Town

Safety Town, a safety education program, was founded in 1937 in Mansfield, Ohio, by Traffic Commissioner Frend Boals and Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Ruth Robbins. It was designed to teach various areas of traffic safety to pre-kindergarten children in a free community program.

This program has been sponsored by the City of Mansfield and funded by private donations ever since that time. This generous support has enabled the City to continue this program without cost to children and their families. It has kept the same basic concept of teaching pre-kindergarten children traffic safety.

As times have changes so have we. The program now includes pedestrian safety, bike safety, stranger safety, drug awareness, fire safety, school bus safety, outdoor safety, and seat belt safety. These are the lessons that will benefit our children for a lifetime.

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